2013 Awardees


Alpine Fire Safety Systems (Arroyo Hondo)
Nominated by Taos Entrepreneurial Network (TEN)
A rapidly expanding company providing fire safety equipment and, recently, forest fire erosion control services, they have secured federal contracts and are bringing additional jobs and revenue home to Northern New Mexico.

Don Quixote Distillery (Los Alamos)
Nominated by the County of Los Alamos
Best known for their Blue Corn Bourbon, their product line now includes ten spirits and 17 wines. They are about to launch a new line of gourmet chocolates and vanilla extracts. All of the products Don Quixote creates celebrate the spirit of New Mexico.

GeoEnergy Monitoring Systems (Los Alamos)
Nominated by the County of Los Alamos
Their smart-sensor technology is an inexpensive solution to monitor seismic activities for any drilling site, as monitors can be shipped to operators in the field and use satellite and cell phone signals to cover remote regions. Plans for growth include a new distribution and processing center based in Los Alamos.

Marty’s Meals (Santa Fe)
Nominated by the City of Santa Fe
Marty is a dog. When he was 11, he was not expected to be able to continue, but the recipe that extended his life (he is now 16) has become the basis for this company. After experiencing skyrocketing growth and outgrowing two kitchens, Marty’s Meals is now based in a new commercial kitchen and retail space, with plans for expansion in Albuquerque and Boulder, Colorado.

Mesa Photonics (Santa Fe)
Nominated by the City of Santa Fe
Founded by two former LANL employees, the company has developed measurement instrumentation for ultra-fast lasers that is utilized by universities and research facilities nationwide. Plans for expansion include launching their product line worldwide, as well as developing monitoring systems for carbon capture sites.

National Water Services (Santa Fe)
Nominated by the City of Santa Fe
The FreshPure™ vending machine is manufactured in Santa Fe and offers premium waters (reverse osmosis, deionized and high pH varieties) to customers in health food stores in 38 states. On track to double their revenues, they plan to purchase a new facility and expand their workforce.

Taos Mountain Energy Bars (Taos)
Nominated by Taos Entrepreneurial Network (TEN)
Just three years old, the company sells their line of all natural (mostly organic) gluten-free energy bars throughout the southwest. They recently expanded into a new kitchen facility with new packaging equipment, and are continually adding employees.

Technology Solutions NM (Santa Fe)
Nominated by Santa Fe Business Incubator and the City of Santa Fe
The company is able to leverage the type of full technology support services typically found in Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as deploy complex network schematics for larger clients. They recently acquired a company based in Arizona and have plans to become the major service provider for the entire southwest region, while still being based in Santa Fe.